Guarantee compliance to WEEE, Batteries & Packaging Regulations in all EU and EFTA States and now countries outside of Europe.

That's global product compliance using our managed compliance services and EC4P web-based system.


It can be expensive and time consuming for you to train your staff to understand the regulatory requirements across Europe, carry out registration and product reporting, and pay the correct fees for WEEE, Batteries and Packaging recycling on time in each country. Keeping up-to-date with the regulations when they change can be even more challenging!


Our experts identify your legal obligations and implement cost-effective and reliable compliance arrangements in each country. We carry out your registration and reporting, pay your recycling fees and provide you with one invoice for the whole of Europe. All you need to do is enter your product data into our confidential EC4P web application.


In my experience, EC4P is a unique differentiator that allows Nutanix to meet it's compliance requirements without the need, expense and complexity of hiring compliance personnel in all 28 EU Member States. EC4P has a well-established, auditable, programmatic path to compliance that allows us to quickly start selling into EU member states in a matter of a few weeks as our business expands. The process is very lightweight and flexible.
David Sangstar, Nutanix.

Easy to use web dashboard

Organises your deadlines for you

Reminds your users when to report