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Canada Yukon e-waste Registration deadline 1st Oct

July 25th, 2018
The amended Yukon Designated Materials Regulation which covers e-waste recycling, is due to come into effect on 1 October 2018.

Producer Responsibilities

There are four new producer responsibilities under the amended regulation: 

  1. Registration (before 1st Oct): Producers of new electronics (manufacturers, distributors and retailers) must register to supply these products in Yukon. 
  2. Remittance (from 1st Oct): Remittance of the surcharge is required on all units supplied into Yukon. If you are supplying electronics for which the supplier/distributor has already collected the surcharge, you will need to keep a record of these transactions.
  3. Reporting (from 1st Oct): Requirement to report number of new electronic products sold to accompany remittance through online system.
  4. Record: Records must be kept including: total number and type of new electronic products supplied by that producer, total surcharges collected for the supplied products (for remitting producers), and the name and contact information for producers to whom the producer has purchased or sold products. An Environmental Protection Officer may request copies of these records at any time. Records should be kept for six years.


All existing Steward Registrations in Yukon will remain valid until the 1st Oct implementation date. Yukon pre-registration remains open. Producers must register at: recycleyukonelectronics.ca. If you already use EPRA’s online system in another jurisdiction, you only need to add Yukon onto your profile.


New surcharges will apply from 1st Oct. The Yukon Department of Environment has published a list of products which fall in scope of the regulation and their environmental surcharges on their website and this list is also included in the Schedule to the Regulation. The categories align with those in British Columbia and Alberta. The surcharges will be deposited into the Recycling Fund, which will be used to fund the collection, transportation and recycling of e-waste.

Next Steps

EC4P recommends that producers register with Recycle Yukon Electronics before the 1 October 2018 deadline. As part of EC4P’s services, we can assess whether you will be obligated as a producer under the amended Yukon Designated Materials Regulation and if so, assist with the new registration and reporting requirements. Please contact us for more information. 

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