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Increasing Costs of Packaging Compliance

Increasing Costs of Packaging Compliance

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by Howard Stimpson, June 2017
Howard is Operations Director at Thinkstep Compliance Ltd. and has over 15 years experience providing product compliance services to companies all over the world.
Companies are facing higher packaging costs across Europe. Some countries now charge increased recycling fees for poorly-designed packaging. Did you know that:

  • Since 2012, packaging producers in France have paid up to 150% higher recycling fees for non-recoverable consumer packaging
  • In 2017, Italy will trial higher fees for harder-to-recycle plastics in household and commercial/industrial packaging. Germany has proposed legislation that will introduce reduced recycling fees for packaging which is easier to recycle 
  • There are now more than 140 packaging recycling schemes to choose from across Europe, with significant variations in membership costs and recycling fees 
This webinar shows how your company can avoid paying higher packaging recycling fees across Europe by using Thinkstep's Environmental Compliance 4 Products compliance portal. We help your company ensure compliance across Europe at the lowest cost. We can also pay your registration and recycling fees in each country and send you one invoice for the actual costs.

If your company sells packaged products across Europe then we can help you comply with the different Packaging Regulations in each of the 28 EU Member States and EFTA countries. We can manage your compliance to registration, recycling and reporting obligations, and keep you up-to-date with the ever-changing legal requirements in each country.

As more and more Packaging Legislation is brought in to force across the rest of the world we can also provide the same services to ensure your company stays compliant to Packaging Regulations anywhere there is a requirement.

Find out more about how EC4P can implement a robust and cost effective global WEEE (E-waste), Batteries & Packaging compliance program on your company's behalf.