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Global Regulatory Compliance

Global Regulatory Compliance

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by Lisa Dean, September 2016
Lisa is the Head of Global Compliance in Thinkstep's global EPR compliance division and has over 7 years experience as a Compliance Consultant.
As the number of global E-Waste (WEEE), Batteries and Packaging recycling regulations increases annually, it is becoming ever more challenging for companies to maintain compliance for product sales in markets around the world. The requirements and regulations in each country differ greatly and companies often lack internal resources to understand and manage compliance for E-Waste, Batteries and Packaging in every place they sell.

EC4P can help you understand global E-Waste, Batteries & Packaging regulations and how they affect your business. This webinar from EC4P highlights which parts of the world have already implemented / are in the process of implementing recycling regulations for E-Waste, and includes:

  • Overview of E-Waste recycling regulations in:
  • Asia Pacific, focusing on Japan and Australia
  • South America, focusing on Brazil and Chile
  • Africa, focusing on Nigeria and Cameroon
  • WEEE India regulations and how to submit an EPR recycling management plan

Since 2013 EC4P has provided award winning WEEE, Batteries and Packaging recycling compliance services in countries outside of Europe. As part of these services, EC4P can anonymously approach contacts at authorities in each country to determine whether your specific products are in scope.

Find out more about how EC4P can implement a robust and cost effective global WEEE (E-waste), Batteries & Packaging compliance program on your company's behalf.